My Two Bobs Worth

I hereby formally give thanks to my Mother, for having the foresight and wisdom to bring me to Australia when I was a child.

She blessed me with the ability to live my life in the company of the vast majority; intelligent, tenacious, playful, colourful and fair minded people that continue to shape OUR true history so very admirably well.

I acknowledge the original people of this particular section of Our Earth. They are mind bogglingly beautiful and I am very grateful for their gifts; imparted soulfully, vicariously and through my friendships with them.

Without any shadow of ambiguity, I acknowledge those who fought, died and survived the scourge of Nazism. I remain acutely aware that my every action is privileged because of them; and it brings me to tears! To think of what they must have had to endure.

I hereby formally give thanks to all of the crew at the Sports Club. When the bugle announced dusk, without exception; there was a vivid silence; a prolonged and vivid silence even after it had stopped. It made me realise that I am not a lone thinker.

I’d also like to request remembrance of the term, “Lest We Forget”. Forget what? For my mind a plea from the past; from those who had no choice but to endure; “DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN!!!!!!!.”

Yet here we are! “The Daily Telegraph” milking, stirring, stoking the udder, soup and fire of malcontent! For what reason? Ask yourself that!

Even as a self-professed Religiophobic, I can see that all She did was to call out that it’s STILL HAPPENING! That very same mistake that I bowed to the bugle for at the Sports Club.