Visiting fbook now to comment on the Christian footy player saga which I’ve been duly monitoring. With the greatest respect to all my Christian and other religiously minded friends, I must say…

I’m a ‘nothing’! That is, if I express my own opinion; religious or otherwise, it only has a certain amount of carriage. But he is/was/is just short of a superstar, and so by virtue of that alone, his words have a much greater reach/consequences than mine. Therefore, he has a much greater responsibility than I do.

I say this because I know that my Christian friends have a highly sophisticated sense of fairness.

For example, if I declared that according to the bible, Gays are destined to hell, so what! But HE has the ear-shot of many thousands (evidently hundreds of thousands) more than I do.

For this reason alone, he has been justly called out by his former employers. But it goes much deeper than that! It calls to question the very notion of ‘fairness’ or ‘an equal playing field’ and sorry but, such has never existed as far as us atheists are concerned.

Every time we look at a church, or a mosque for that matter, we see how tilted the balance is in favour of you so called ‘believers’. Have you noticed lately? Churches, Mosques, Buddhist temples? They’re literally everywhere and pretty much always have always been.
So when that silly millionaire sportsman complains that he received a negative result from his biblical assertion that Gay people will go to hell, merely for practicing their own Love for each other, I’m thinking NA!… NA! NA! NA! and Double NA!
If you’re a religious thinker and you really drill down into it with honesty, you will note (while you’re drilling) that I have the right to NOT believe, just as much as you have the right TO believe.

Maybe if I had as far a reach as that silly sportsman millionaire does, I might adventure into atheist evangelicalism and become as much as a hypocrite as he’s demonstrated himself to be (what with the tatoos and all).
Still, in your complex world of beliefs; may I offer a word of advice? Watch out for our inglorious PM’s bill! Because it promotes not only YOUR religious beliefs, but also those of the ‘other’. Your greatest fear!

P.S. If you happen to think that the sportsman is being vilified for speaking his mind and that he has the right to do so for the sake of not being too politically correct, I’m confused too! But really, not that confused. In that case, I would refer you to the concepts of compassion, respect and failing those, plain old fashioned civility.